My Tools
Last updated:2024-07-01

My Tools


Here, you can manage the Tools you have created.

You can create a Tool and access external data through the Tool.

Create Tool



Here, you can configure the authentication method for the Tool.

  • Developer Authentication: This means that the Tool is authenticated by the developer of the Tool. Tools with developer authentication can be added and integrated into a Bot by other organizations for use.
  • Integrator Authentication: When an organization's Bot needs to use this Tool, authentication is required. The Tool can only be used after successful authentication.

Additionally, you can also configure whether the Tool is 'paid'. If you choose 'in-app payment', you can set a credit charge value. If an organization's Bot calls this Tool, then for each call of the Tool, the organization will pay you the set number of credits.


Action, which is equivalent to an API. A Tool can contain multiple Actions.

Create Action

You can directly create a Tool by writing a JSON document that conforms to the OpenAPI specification for the API.


Fill in the name, description, and service address for the Tool.


Fill in the input parameters.


Fill in the output parameters.

The output parameters can be left blank, but filling it in can further help the LLM understand the meaning of the output fields to perform better.

You can use the 'auto parse' to let the system automatically fill in the output parameters for you.


Finally, by Debugging to verify that the API is successfully called, you can complete the creation of an Action.

Once the authentication and Action information are configured, the Tool is fully set up and ready to use.