Last updated:2024-06-25


You can subscribe to different services on behalf of the organization.


You can choose different plans according to the actual business situation of the organization, and each plan includes different service rights.

Each organization defaults to the rights of the "Free" plan.

Rights\Plan Free Business Enterprise
Points 100 credits/month 30,000 credits/month Unlimited
Number of Bots 2 20 Unlimited
Number of Tools 2 20 Unlimited
Team Members 2 20 Unlimited
Bot Integration Basic Integration Advanced Integration Advanced Integration
Logo × Custom Logo + Domain Custom Logo + Domain
Branding × × Custom Brand Logo
Data Callback ×
Technical Support Community Support 7*24 / Ticket Technical Support 7*24 / Technical Expert Service / Ticket Technical Support
Bot Construction Service ×
Bot Operation Service ×
Private Deployment × ×
Monthly Fee (USD) $0/month $649/month Contact Us
Annual Fee (USD) $0/year $6490/year Contact Us

We recommend that you subscribe to your plan annually, as the annual subscription only charges for 10 months, equivalent to giving you 2 months of service for free!

If the above plans still cannot meet your business needs, you can:

  1. Upgrade Plan: You can go to "Organization", find the "Upgrade" button, select a new plan, and pay. The system will automatically calculate the amount for the unused portion of the current plan, and you only need to pay the difference to complete the upgrade.
  2. Apply for a Customizable "Enterprise" Plan: Welcome to the subscription page, select "Enterprise", and submit your requirements, or send an email to "". Our professionals will contact you soon to provide a personalized subscription plan and quotation.

Apply for the "Enterprise" plan to get an excellent personalized solution tailored to your business needs, supporting private deployment. "Enterprise" will include all the features and services of the standard version. Additionally, customized services can be provided on demand, and various supports will be provided by a team of technical experts.

>>> Apply for the "Custom" Plan Now


When the subscription plan cannot meet your business needs, you can subscribe to more services through add-on services.

Monthly credits

If the credits provided by your plan cannot meet your needs, you can subscribe to more monthly credits through add-on services. Add-ons can be subscribed in units of 1000.

Monthly credits are the same as the credits in the plan, and they are reset every month.


How to cancel the subscription?

Go to "Billing", find the order you want to cancel the subscription, and click "Cancel". After completion, the subscription will no longer be deducted from the next billing cycle.

How to view the consumption record of credits?

In "Organization - Settings", you can view the detailed consumption of credits.

How to apply for a receipt, invoice, and fapiao?

Go to "Billing", find the order you need to apply for a receipt or invoice, and you can download it.

For customers in mainland China, if you need to issue an fapiao, please contact the sales rep who is docking with you, or send an email to "" to contact us.

Is the payment safe?

GPTBots completes the payment operation with you through the world-leading payment platform Stripe, which is trustworthy!