Last updated:2023-12-13



We have provided various integration methods for the Bot, allowing it to be used in a wider range of scenarios.

  • Sharing: Added support for creating and configuring multiple "share links." Each "share link" can be independently managed and records credits consumption;
  • iframe and bubble widgets: This module has been moved to the "Integration" module. We have also optimized the interaction of the "Embedded Whitelist" to make the configuration process clearer;
  • DingTalk Robot: The Bot's dialogue service can be integrated into "DingTalk Robot," allowing DingTalk users to converse with the Bot via group chat or private chat;
  • WhatsApp by Meta: The Bot can be integrated into the "Meta App" through methods provided by "Meta Developer" and "Meta Business Suite," enabling WhatsApp users to converse with the Bot through WhatsApp.


"Pre-set Responses" has added support for multiple response forms, allowing your Bot to provide users with richer forms and more information during user interactions:

  • Card: You can customize a card that can be configured with custom text information and multimedia information (such as pictures, videos, locations, etc.), allowing your users to receive information more efficiently;
  • Form: You can customize a form and define the form's submission address, allowing your users to submit data to you through this form;
  • Json: You can customize a JSON to use as output information, interfacing with other APIs, etc.;
  • Text: Optimized the text editing experience.

New User Guide

After new users complete registration, we have designed a more convenient and better experience onboarding process that can help novice users quickly build their first Bot within 1 minute.



  • The pricing for OpenAI's ChatGPT service has been reduced;
  • The current free "Hobby" subscription plan has been upgraded from "0 credits/month" to "100 credits/month";


  • Added support for "Baidu Wenxin Yiyu": Supported versions include "Ernie-Bot, Ernie-Bot-Turbo, Ernie-Bot-4.0";
  • Added support for "Azure ChatGPT": Supported versions include "ChatGPT-3.5-4K, ChatGPT-3.5-16K, ChatGPT-4.0-8K, ChatGPT-4.0-32K";
  • "OpenAI ChatGPT": Added support for "ChatGPT-4.0-turbo-1106-128K" and replaced the existing "ChatGPT-3.5-16K" with the newly released "ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-1106-16K";

Knowledge Base

  • Added "Document Grouping": Supports custom grouping types and allows different knowledge documents to be assigned to different groups, enhancing the management efficiency of knowledge documents;
  • "Vector Search" added "Retrieval Weight": When conducting vector retrieval, you can configure the weight ratio of vector retrieval and keyword retrieval to obtain better retrieval results;
  • Optimized the interaction experience of adding knowledge documents;


  • "LLM Component": Added "Azure ChatGPT" and "Wenxin Yiyu," allowing you to configure Flow more flexibly;
  • "Branch/Boolean Judgment" component: Added support for using "Azure ChatGPT" and "Wenxin Yiyu" LLM for logical judgments;
  • Optimized some interaction experiences;


  • Added support for "In-site Payment": If the plugin is authenticated by the developer, the plugin developer can set the plugin as "In-site Payment" and set the credits charge amount for each call by the caller. The collected credits belong to the plugin developer. The collected credits will be recorded in "Consumption Records," supporting queries. The collected credits do not support withdrawal yet;


  • Enterprise workspace upgrade: The workspace enjoys an independent URL and has conducted statistics and control over workspace users and usage;


  • Added support for "Get Conversation Record List" API, which can page-query the conversation record information that occurred in the Bot;

Bot Training

  • Chat Records: Added support for viewing "Workspace" type chat records;

Official Documentation

  • Updated to a new version, providing you with a better reading experience;


  • ¡Bienvenido! Added "Spanish" as the interface language, welcoming developers from the Spanish-speaking world to experience GPTBots;


Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge list optimization: Reasonably classified various document types, allowing different types of documents to be maintained and managed separately;
  • Copy documents from other Bots: Supports copying documents from other Bots in the same organization to the current Bot, becoming the knowledge document of the current Bot. This process does not consume credits;
  • Added support for the composite retrieval method of "Sparse Vector + Dense Vector," enhancing the precision of knowledge slice recall;

Document Files

  • Interaction interface optimization;
  • Added support for doc format;
  • Increased the maximum capacity of pdf to 30MB;
  • Supports filling in a URL as the document source;
  • Supports custom slicing, including "slicing by token count" and "slicing by identifier," and supports slicing effect preview;

Spreadsheet Files (NEW)

  • Supports csv, xls, xlsx formats;
  • Supports custom slicing, allowing multiple rows to be selected as header slicing, and supports slicing effect preview;


  • Interaction interface optimization;
  • Supports custom slicing, including "slicing by token count" and "slicing by identifier," and supports slicing effect preview;


  • Interaction interface optimization;
  • Added support for dynamic website recognition function, capable of recognizing dynamically loaded web page content as knowledge documents;
  • Supports custom slicing, including "slicing by token count" and "slicing by identifier," and supports slicing effect preview;


  • Interaction interface optimization;
  • Added support for template import of Q&A data;
  • Added support for converting documents into Q&A, where the system will read and understand the document content through LLM capabilities and generate multiple pairs of Q&A;
  • Added support for slicing effect preview;

Vector Management

  • Added support for slicing editing, and provides corresponding editing interaction experiences for text, table, and Q&A three different types of slicing formats;


Space Management

  • Space Bots: Supports adding members to the corporate exclusive space by the enterprise, supports publishing the enterprise Bot to the exclusive space for member use. Supports setting Bot access permissions and credits usage limits by role;


  • Flow: Optimized logic judges (Boolean, branch), making the judgment effect better;


  • Consumption Records: Supports querying by year;
  • Order Records: Supports upgrading subscriptions, canceling subscriptions, and downloading Receipt/Invoice;
  • Tax Information: Supports entering tax information, used to generate Receipt or Invoice, making business processes simpler;


  • Online Subscription: Supports subscribing to packages online by month/year, paying with Stripe;
  • Online Recharge: Supports online credits recharge, paying with Stripe;


  • Corporate Authentication: Supports online self-service corporate authentication, and once authenticated, you will receive 500 credits;

Entire Site

  • Added support for the "Traditional Chinese" version, making it more convenient for customers in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese;



  • Homepage visual upgrade;
  • Added "Japanese" support throughout the site;


  • Overall framework interaction experience upgrade, making operations clearer and simpler;


  • Added "Subscription Plan," allowing users to subscribe to corresponding plans as needed;

Flow Bot

  • Supports building an AI-Bot quickly and visually through a "Flow" method, combined with super simple "drag and drop" operations;

Bot Training

  • Dialogue Training: Train the Bot through dialogue interactions;
  • Chat Records: Use the Bot's historical chat records as training corpus to train the Bot;



  • My Plugins: Manages plugins joined in the development space uniformly, covering self-developed plugins and plugins added from the plugin market;
  • Create Plugin: Supports users to develop plugins themselves and apply them within LLM and Bot;
  • Plugin Market: GPTBots platform provides developers with a wide range of official plugins for use, covering tools, life, work, and business scenarios.


  • Using Plugins in Bot: Allows adding plugins from the development space to the Bot, and during the conversation with the Bot, plugins can be called as needed;
  • Bot-API:
    • Added "Vector Similarity Matching" API, supports inputting keywords and document ID as parameters, and after vector searching with the input keywords and document content, returns the most relevant slice content;
    • Each API now includes an "Error Message Return Table";
  • Next Step Question Suggestions: Supports providing users with three subsequent questions or reply options after each answer by the Bot. This feature needs to be enabled in "Model Configuration".


Knowledge Documents

  • Added support for "Q&A" type. Knowledge documents support input in the form of "Q&A," effectively enhancing the accuracy of answers to specific or similar questions;
  • Supports online editing of various documents, and supports vector management. Files, URLs, text, and Q&A within the knowledge documents all support online editing. Also, supports enabling/disabling document vectors to optimize vector matching effects.


  • Supports permanent share link function, which allows sharing the Bot within BotHUB with others to experience and use together.

Chat Records

  • Chat record query and knowledge correction. Supports querying chat records by keywords and categories, and viewing chat record content. Also, when viewing chat records, supports correcting the Q&A in the chat records and syncing to the knowledge documents, enhancing the accuracy of the Bot's answers when similar questions are encountered later.


Model Configuration

  • Powerful AI model updates: Added support for the following models released by OpenAI on June 13—gpt-3.5-turbo-0613-4K, gpt-3.5-turbo-0613-16K, gpt-4.0-0613-8K, text-embedding-ada-002. These models provide enhanced functionality, longer context capabilities, and lower prices.
  • Due to OpenAI's reduced model pricing, we have accordingly adjusted our product service prices. Now you can use GPTBots services at a lower cost!

Debug Mode

  • Supports dialogue debug mode, helping developers debug and optimize the Bot for better dialogue effects.

Widget Embedding

  • Supports embedding the Bot into your products, bringing a new interactive experience to your users.