Last updated:2024-07-09


The Issues module is a ticketing system.

Through the Issues module, you can directly contact the official technical support team of GPTBots, submit your issues, and the official team will provide you with answers and responses promptly.

Submit an Issue


On any page of the Portal, you can submit an issue using the button in the bottom right corner.


  • Bot: If your issue is related to a specific Bot, please select that Bot to help us locate the problem more quickly. If you open the submission popup directly on the Bot page, the system will automatically select that Bot for you.
  • Description: Write your problem description here. The clearer the description, the quicker the issue can be resolved.
  • Image: You can attach relevant screenshots here to help us better understand the problem. Images can be pasted directly from the clipboard.

Once submitted, the issue will be forwarded to the official technical team of GPTBots, and we will respond to you shortly.

View Issues


Issues submitted within the organization can be viewed through two entry points:

  • "View Issues" at the bottom right corner;
  • Main menu "Organization - Issues".

This section will display all the Issues submitted by organization members.

Receive Issues


When a technical support specialist from GPTBots responds to your issue, you will receive an email notification. You can visit the link in the email to view the full response information within GPTBots.


Click the link in the email to access the Issue page.

Add Comment to the Issue


You can follow up on the issue within the Issue, and the official GPTBots team will continuously respond to your inquiries until the issue is closed.

Note that if you do not follow up for an extended period (72 hours), the Issue will automatically close.