Explore Thousands of APIs and Plugins
Quote Generator
Quickly generate various types of quotes.
Geocoding API
Convert addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates.
PDF Converter API
Convert PDF files to other document formats.
Text-to-image API
AI generates creative images based on text content.
Grammar Check
Automatically detect grammar and spelling errors in text.
Popular Weather
Provide latest weather information and forecast.
Finance API
Provide data queries related to stocks, exchange rates, financial statements, etc.
Text-to-Speech API
Convert text into speech and output it as multiple audio formats.
What can GPTBots do?
Open Bots Market
Explore a wide range of AI bots, publish your own, and earn profits.
Knowledge Base Importing
Securely upload your knowledge base in PDF, PPT, websites, etc. AI bots deliver astute responses derived from your knowledge.
Top Open-Source LLMs
Activate leading paid and quality free LLMs with one click. Skip complex deployment and fine-tuning. Focus on your core business.
Open LLM Plugins
Access a vast selection of free public plugins to upgrade your product service to +AIGC or encapsulate your capabilities into an LLM plugin to boost your business growth.
How It Works?
Upload Your Own Knowledge Base
Upload your knowledge base in PDF, PPT, websites, etc., and create custom Bots for different purposes, such as Marketing, HR, or Support. Then, control which source documents it uses in every bot.
Fine-Tune to Train Bots Specializing in Specific Areas
Fine-Tune optimizes datasets to train specialized bots in specific domains without the need for costly large-scale training. The resulting model enables superior performance in professional tasks.
Using LLM Plugins
Not only are there a vast selection of open plugins, but you can also quickly build your own LLM plugins based on your own data and services. By combining plugins with different capabilities, you can rapidly develop AI bot functionality.
Applying and Deploying Bots
By using simple APIs and SDKs, you can integrate AI bot functionality into your existing products and applications. You can also choose to publish your bot on the open Bots Market to attract more users.