Last updated:2023-12-21


You can integrate Bot services into your Discord application, allowing users in your Discord server to communicate with the Bot through this application.

Create Discord Application


Visit the Discord Developer Portal and click on "New Application" to create your Discord application.

Configure Discord Application


Go to "Bot", find "Privileged Gateway Intents", turn on all three "Intents", and save.


Still on the "Bot" page, click "Reset Token" to get a TOKEN, and copy it.


Return to GPTBots, go to "Integration - Discord", and paste the copied TOKEN.


Go to "General Information", find "PUBLIC KEY", and copy it.


Return to GPTBots, enter "Integration - Discord", fill in the copied PUBLIC KEY, click "Submit" to get the "INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL", and copy it.

Note: "PUBLIC KEY" and "INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL" are optional, but it is recommended that you fill them in.


Return to "General Information", fill in the "INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL", and save.


Go to "OAuth2 - General", set "AUTHORIZATION METHOD" to "In-app Authorization", check "bot" in "SCOPES", check "Administrator" in "BOT PERMISSIONS", and save.

At this point, the configuration process for the Discord application is complete.

Add the Application to the Server

You need to first add the Discord application to the Discord server before users in the server can use this Bot.


Go to "OAuth2 - URL Generator", check "bot" in "SCOPES", and "Administrator" in "BOT PERMISSIONS".


Then, you will get a URL at the bottom of the page, copy it.

Visit this URL to allow any server administrator to add this application to the server.

Chat with the Bot in the Server


In the chat input box, you can converse with the Bot by typing "@Bot".

Chat with the Bot via Private Message


Find the application in the server user list and send a message to converse with the Bot.


If your Discord Bot does not generate any conversations within 168 hours (7 days), it will automatically go offline. There are two ways to get your Discord Bot back online.

Restart the Bot's Discord service


Go to "Bot Integration", find "Discord", turn it off and on again.

/start command

If you have filled in the "PUBLIC KEY" and "INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL", you can use the /start command in Discord to activate the Discord Bot that is offline.


You can activate it online in the chat window through the /start command.