Dingtalk Robot
Last updated:2023-12-08

Dingtalk Robot

Only the Chinese version provides integration capability for DingTalk robots.

You can configure the bot in DingTalk group chats or individual chats, allowing your team to use the bot directly through DingTalk.

Create Dingtalk App


Log in as an administrator to the DingTalk Open Platform and select "App Development - DingTalk App - Create App."

Configure Credentials


Inside the app, go to "Credentials and Basic Information" and copy the "Client ID" and "Client Secret."


Paste them into the "Integration - DingTalk Robot" section of the bot.

Add & Configure Robot


Go to "Add App Capabilities," find "Robot," click "Add," and add the robot as a capability of the app.


Go to "Robot" and enable the "Robot Configuration" switch.

Inside the robot configuration, choose "HTTP Mode" for "Message Receiving Mode" and enter the webhook address provided by the bot in the "Message Receiving Address" field below.

Finally, click "Publish" and confirm.

App Publishing


Go to "Version Management and Publishing," click "Create New Version," create a version, and publish it.

Chat with the Bot in Group Chat


In the DingTalk group chat settings, find "Robot."


Click "Add Robot." You can search and find the robot you want to add to the group.


Click "Add" to add the robot to the group.


In the group chat, use the "@robot" command to send messages to the robot. The robot will respond based on its rules.

Chatting with the Bot in Individual Chat


In the DingTalk search, find the application for this robot.


Enter the conversation interface to directly chat with the bot.