Manual Service
Last updated:2024-06-01

Manual Service

The Manual service feature allows Bot developers to integrate third-party Manual customer service systems to respond to Bot users' requests for Manual assistance. Currently, integration with the Intercom system is supported, and integration with other Manual service systems via webhooks (e.g., WhatsApp, Slack, DingTalk, QiYu, WeChat Work, etc.) will soon be supported.

How to Enable Manual Service

  1. In Bot Settings - Manual Service, click the "Enable" button to activate the Manual service.
  2. Complete the authentication configuration of the third-party Manual service system to ensure successful message communication.
  3. Adjust the settings related to Manual service according to the actual situation of the enterprise's Manual service support.
  4. Initiate a Manual service request in the Bot conversation window to normally call the Manual service.

Complete tutorial guide for providing Manual service through Intercom

Configure Manual Service Authentication

Intercom Authentication

  1. Create APPS
    First, register at Intercom and follow the guide to complete the workspace creation. Access the Developer Hub page through "Account Avatar - Settings - APPS & INTEGRATIONS". Click "New app" in the Developer Hub to create an application. If the app is already created, directly select the target app to enter its settings page. alt text
  2. Obtain AccessToken and fill it in GPTBots
  • Select the "Authentication" menu item and copy the Access token information. intercom Access token
  • Fill the token information into the Access token input box under "Manual Service - Intercom Authentication". alt text
  • Fill in the Manual service message receiving address in Intercom Copy the URL address in "GPTBots Message Receiving Address" and fill this URL address into the Endpoint URL in the Webhooks menu item. alt text
  • Subscribe to key business events in Intercom In the Topics function area of the Webhooks menu item, use "Select a topic..." to select 4 subscription events, and click the "save" button to save the configuration.
    • conversation.admin.closed
    • conversation.admin.replied
    • conversation.admin.snoozed

At this point, the Intercom configuration is complete. You can request Manual service in the Bot conversation window. When the Bot successfully initiates a Manual service request, Intercom's Help Desk will receive the user's message. When you reply to this message, the Manual service connection is officially established.

Webhook Authentication

Coming soon...

Configure Manual Service

Manual Service

alt text Service Status: Displays the availability of the third-party Manual service system

  • Not Configured: When the third-party Manual service system's authentication information has never been filled in
  • Service Available: When the authentication information is filled in and verified successfully
  • Service Unavailable: When the already filled authentication information fails/invalidates during the call Trigger Timing: Supports custom trigger timing descriptions to help LLM correctly determine when to call Manual service

Timeout Mechanism

Timeout Waiting: Default 60 S,The maximum waiting time after a user initiates a request for human service. If the time is exceeded, the user will be prompted to end the current request or continue waiting.

Session Timeout: Default 180 S,After the last message from the human agent, if there is no user response within N seconds, the system will automatically exit the human service.

Manual Service Time Period

alt text

Supports custom settings for up to 10 Manual service time periods

  • Weekly: In this mode, you can select Monday to Sunday and set the Manual service time period, which will be executed weekly
  • Custom: In this mode, you must select an absolute date and set the Manual service time period, which will be executed only once

When there are multiple Manual service time periods:

  • First, filter out all "Manual service time period" rules for the natural day based on the natural day dimension
  • Calculate all overlapping time rules parameters based on the widest time window rule. If they do not overlap, they will not participate in the calculation.
  • If there are multiple non-overlapping widest time windows, there will be multiple effective Manual service time periods for that natural day.

    For example, on December 12, 2024, there are 4 effective Manual service time rules: 09:00 ~ 12:00, 10:00 ~ 12:00, 13:00 ~ 18:00, 15:00 ~ 17:00.
    The system's effective service time window will be: 09:00 ~ 12:00, 13:00 ~ 18:00

Non-Service Time Reply

When the current Manual service is in the "non-Manual service time period," calling Manual service will automatically reply with "preset text."

Transfer Conversation Rounds

When successfully calling the third-party service system, submit N rounds of chat records + user's latest question to the Manual service system to help

Initiate a Manual Service Request in the Conversation Window

  1. User initiates a Manual service request
    When the user wants to obtain Manual service, LLM will determine whether to wake up the Manual service. If LLM decides to wake up the Manual service, it will call the Manual service tools and ask the user to provide an email address. If the system already has the user's email information, the "input email" step will be skipped, and the Manual service request process will be directly initiated. alt text
    • When the user is logged in and the account is verified by email, the system has the user's email information.
    • When the developer sets the user's email through the window.ChatBot.setEmail("") command in the bubble component scenario, the system has the user's email information.
    • When the developer sets the user's email through iframe_url + ? in the iframe scenario, the system has the user's email information.
  2. When the third-party Manual service system receives the user's message and replies to the user's first message, the Manual service session officially begins.
  3. The user can send unlimited messages with the Manual service system. Both the user and the Manual customer service personnel can actively close the current Manual service conversation.