Bot Response Feedback
Last updated:2024-03-01

Bot Response Feedback

Feedback on Bot responses to help Bot developers optimize.

Request Method


Request URL

Request Authentication

See Overview for authentication details.


Request Example

curl -X POST \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer your_apikey' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d '{ "answer_id": "123456789", "feedback": "POSITIVE" }'
          curl -X POST \ 
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer your_apikey' \ 
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
  -d '{
        "answer_id": "123456789",
                "feedback": "POSITIVE"

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Request Headers

Field Type Description
Authorization Bearer ${token} Use Authorization: Bearer ${token} for authentication. Get the key from the API Keys page as token.
Content-Type application/json Data type, set to application/json.

Request Body

Field Type Required Description
answer_id string Yes Message ID of Bot response.
feedback string Yes Feedback on Bot response.
- POSITIVE: Positive, Like, Thumbs up, Approval
- NEGATIVE: Negative, Dislike, Thumbs down, Disapproval
- CANCELED: Cancel feedback


Response Example

{ "affectCount": 0 }
    "affectCount": 0

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Success Response

Field Type Description
affectCount long The number of successful feedback. It's 1 if succeed.

Failure Response

Field Type Description
code int Error code.
message string Error details.

Error Codes

Code Message
40000 Invalid parameter
40127 Developer authentication failed
20059 Bot deleted