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Suitable for personal or business product experience
USD 0 / Month
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    Monthly Credit100 credits
    Template BOT1 units
    Flow BOT1 units
    Embedded widgetsSupported
    Plugins1 units
    Voice capabilitiesSupported
    Members3 units
    SupportCommunity support


Suitable for innovation and exploration stage projects
USD 159 / Month
USD 179/Month
    Monthly Credit8000 credits
    Template BOT5 units
    Flow BOT5 units
    Embedded widgetsSupported
    API accessSupported
    Plugins5 units
    Voice capabilitiesSupported
    Members10 units
    SupportCommunity support


Suitable for projects with ordinary user scale
USD 649 / Month
USD 749/Month
    Monthly Credit30000 credits
    Template BOT10 units
    Flow BOT10 units
    Embedded widgetsSupported
    API accessSupported
    Plugins10 units
    Voice capabilitiesSupported
    Members20 units
    Support24/7, Email Support


Suitable for projects with complex business and massive user scale
USD 1799 / Month
USD 1899/Month
    Monthly Credit70000 credits
    Template BOT50 units
    Flow BOT50 units
    Embedded widgetsSupported
    API accessSupported
    Plugins50 units
    Voice capabilitiesSupported
    Members50 units
    Support24/7, Expert Support
Frequently Asked Questions about Payment
What are the subscription plans and credit recharge? What is the difference between them?

GPTBots provides users with "Growth, Standard and Pro" 3 paid subscription plans, which contain different functional rights and credits according to different tiers.

Credits are the measurement units used by GPTBots to track usage of various services. Credit recharge is the credit recharge scheme provided for paid subscription users to purchase more credits when credits are insufficient.

What is the exchange rate between credits, tokens and USD? How will I be charged if I use my own OpenAI key?

Credits are the measurement units used by GPTBots to track usage of various services, tokens are the measurement units of OpenAI, vector databases and other services.

100 credits = 1 USD. Different AI model versions have different pricing for 1K tokens. Take ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-16K as an example:

Model Version GPTBots Pricing (Credits) Private Key Pricing (Credits)
ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-16K (1000 tokens input) 0.11 credits 0.01 credits
ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-16K (1000 tokens output) 0.22 credits 0.02 credits

For more service pricing information, please visit: GPTBots Service Pricing

If I have purchased a subscription plan, how do I cancel the subscription?
You can change or cancel your subscription plan at any time. You can find your subscription record on the Billing Records - Order Records page in your personal center. Click "More - Cancel Subscription Plan" to complete the cancellation. You will not be charged in the next billing cycle.
If the current subscription plan no longer meets my business needs, how do I upgrade the subscription plan?
You can click the "Upgrade Subscription" button on the Subscription Plan page in your personal center to enter the subscription upgrade page. After selecting the service you want to upgrade, the system will automatically calculate the unused portion of your current subscription plan as a deduction. You only need to pay the price difference to complete the upgrade.
Where can I see the detailed record of credit consumption?
You can see the detailed record of credit consumption on the Consumption Records page under Billing Records in your personal center. We support credit consumption data details statistics in 3 dimensions: hourly/daily/monthly.
Can I purchase credits with payment methods other than credit cards? How do I download receipts after payment?

If you purchase a subscription plan, we support purchase via Stripe credit card. If you top up credits, we support multiple payment methods such as Stripe local wallets, Google Pay, credit cards, etc.

If you need a receipt, you can find the payment record on the Orders page under Billing Records in your personal center and download the Receipt.

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