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Annually 2 months free
Annually 2 months free
  • Free

    Perfect for individuals and small businesses. Free forever.

    $0 /year
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    Plan includes:
    • 100 credits/month
    • 2 Bots
    • Bot & FlowBot access
    • 2 team seats
    • Basic integrations
    • Community support
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  • Business

    Grow your business with access to all advanced Pro features

    $6490 $7788 /year
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    Plan includes:
    • 30000 credits/month
    • 20 Bots
    • Bot & FlowBot access
    • 20 team seats
    • Advanced integrations
    • Customize widget logo & domain
    • Data callback
    • Bot Building Service (1 Bot)
    • 24/7 ticketing support
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  • Enterprise

    Design, Build, and Maintain Your Bot. Tailored solutions and dedicated support.

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    Plan includes:
    • Unlimited credits
    • Unlimited Bots
    • Bot, FlowBot, & AgentBot access
    • Unlimited team seats
    • Custom integrations
    • Custom white-label solutions
    • Data callback
    • Bot building service
    • Bot maintenance service
    • Priority support
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  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates

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  • Free
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  • Business
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  • Enterprise
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  • Fundamentals
  • Active botsTotal number of AI bots that can be created.
  • Credits (monthly)Total number of credits allocated per month.
  • ToolsTotal number of tools that can be created.
  • Team seatsTotal number of users you can add to your organization.
  • Bot LogsMaximum duration for bot log data.
    30 days180 dayspermanent
  • API requests per minuteLimit of API requests per minute.
  • Advanced Features
  • BotBot for simple business scenarios.
  • FlowBotFlowBot for complex business scenarios.
  • AgentBotAgentBot with the ability to perceive, plan, and execute tasks.
  • Chatbot human handoffSeamless integration with third-party customer service systems like Intercom.
  • User attributesAutomatically collect user information and create custom user profiles.
  • Short and long-term memoryEnhance bot response quality with memory capabilities.
  • Multimodal interactionSupports input and output of text, images, and videos.
  • Welcome guideCustomize the chatbot’s welcome message and guide.
  • Bot trainingTrain the bot with log data in one click and in real-time.
  • WorkspaceProvide employees with role-based access control workspaces for project management.
  • Event callbackSupport reporting business data to analysis platforms.
  • Integrations
  • ShareShare the bot with others controllably using links.
  • Bubble widgetAdd a bot to your website using our customizable chat widget.
  • iframeIntegrate a bot into the website using iframe.
  • APIAccess various capabilities using API.
  • WhatsAppConnect with WhatsApp to meet your business needs.
  • SlackConnect with Slack to streamline workflow.
  • DiscordConnect with Discord to meet your business needs.
  • ZapierConnect with Zapier to integrate over 1500 apps.
  • DingTalkConnect with DingTalk to meet your business needs.
  • Enterprise AI SearchCustom integration using “AI Search” mode for enterprise.
  • Branding
  • Custom integrated logoSupport using a custom logo in bubble, iframe, and AI Search.
  • Custom domain nameSupport using a custom domain in sharing, iframe, and AI Search.
  • Custom white-label solutionsBoost your business with GPTBots’ custom white-label solutions.
  • Product Education & Support
  • Bot building serviceGPTBots offers AI bot building services based on business needs.
    1 Bot
  • Bot maintenance serviceGPTBots offers services for AI bot training, optimization, and updating.
  • Community supportProvide technical support through the Discord community
  • Email supportProvide technical support services via email
  • Ticket supportProvide timely technical support services via tickets
  • 24/7 technical expertsOur IT experts will prioritize your support inquiries with professional technical and consulting services.
  • Customer success managersOur dedicated customer success managers will help you with professional business services.
  • Security
  • Data storage encryptionEncrypt customer-uploaded data and business data.
  • Data isolationStore business data of different customers separately.
  • Access controlProvide control over functions, data, and permissions.
  • Local deployment modelSupport customers using locally deployed open-source models or custom models.
  • Cloud deployment modelSupport customers using cloud-deployed open-source models, custom models, or commercial models.
  • On-premises deploymentGPTBots supports privatized deployment in customers’ local data centers.
  • On-premises private cloud deploymentGPTBots supports deployment in cloud accounts such as AWS, Azure.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the difference between subscription plans and subscription points?

Subscription Plans:

1. Free: Available to all users, providing 100 credits per month to help new users experience and try the product.

2. Business: Designed for business users, includes premium features and provides 30,000 credits per month.

3. Enterprise: Tailored for enterprise users, offering services such as privatization, bot building, AI project consulting, and implementation based on enterprise needs.

Subscription Credits:

Users can purchase additional credits without upgrading their subscription plan. Ideal for users who need more credits but do not require the additional features of higher-tier plans.

2. What is the exchange rate between credits, tokens and USD? How will I be charged if I use my own OpenAI key?

Credits are the measurement units used by GPTBots to track usage of various services, tokens are the measurement units of OpenAI, vector databases and other services.

100 credits = 1 USD. Different AI model versions have different pricing for 1K tokens. Take ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-16K as an example:

Model Version GPTBots Pricing (Credits) Private Key Pricing (Credits)
ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-16K (1000 tokens input) 0.11 credits 0.01 credits
ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-16K (1000 tokens output) 0.22 credits 0.02 credits

For more service pricing information, please visit: GPTBots Service Pricing

3. If I have purchased a subscription plan, how do I cancel the subscription?
You can modify or cancel your subscription plan at any time. You can find your subscription records under Settings → Organization. " Click "Cancel Subscription” to complete the cancellation. You will not be charged for the next billing cycle.
4. If the current subscription plan no longer meets my business needs, how do I upgrade the subscription plan?
You can click the "Upgrade Subscription" button on the Subscription Plan page in your personal center to enter the subscription upgrade page. After selecting the service you want to upgrade, the system will automatically calculate the unused portion of your current subscription plan as a deduction. You only need to pay the price difference to complete the upgrade.
5. Where can I see the detailed record of credit consumption?
You can see the detailed record of credit consumption on the Consumption page under Organization Information in Settings. We support credit consumption data details statistics in 3 dimensions: hourly/daily/monthly.
6. Can I purchase credits with payment methods other than credit cards? How do I download receipts after payment?

If you purchase a subscription plan, we support purchase via Stripe credit card. If you top up credits, we support multiple payment methods such as Stripe local wallets, Google Pay, credit cards, etc.

If you need a receipt, you can find the payment record on the Orders page under Billing in your personal center and download the Receipt.