Last updated:2023-11-23


Update Information for this Iteration


  • The pricing for OpenAI's ChatGPT service has been reduced.
  • The current free "Hobby" subscription plan will be upgraded from "0 credits/month" to "100 credits/month."


  • Added support for "Baidu Ernie Bot" for versions including "Ernie-Bot, Ernie-Bot-Turbo, Ernie-Bot-4.0".
  • Added support for "Azure ChatGPT" for versions including "ChatGPT-3.5-4K, ChatGPT-3.5-16K, ChatGPT-4.0-8K, ChatGPT-4.0-32K".
  • "OpenAI ChatGPT": Added support for "ChatGPT-4.0-turbo-1106-128K" and replaced the existing "ChatGPT-3.5-16K" with the latest release of "ChatGPT-3.5-turbo-1106-16K".

Knowledge Base

  • Added "Document Grouping" feature: Supports custom grouping types and allows assigning different knowledge documents to different groups for improved management efficiency.
  • Added "Weighted Search" for vector search: Configurable weight distribution for vector search and keyword search to obtain better search results.
  • Improved the user interactions of adding knowledge documents.


  • "LLM Component": Added support for "Azure ChatGPT" and "Baidu Ernie Bot" to provide more flexibility in configuring FLOW.
  • "Branch/Boolean Judgement" component: Added support for using "Azure ChatGPT" and "Baidu Ernie Bot" LLM for logical judgement.
  • Improved some user interactions.


  • Added support for "In-Site Payment": If a plugin requires authentication provided by the developer, the plugin developer can set the plugin as "In-Site Payment" and set the amount of credits to be charged for each plugin invocation. The credits collected belong to the plugin developer. The collected credits will be recorded in the "Consumption Records" and can be queried. The collected credits cannot be withdrawn at the moment.


  • Enterprise Workspace Upgrade: The workspace now has an independent URL and provides statistics and controls for workspace users and usage.


  • Added support for the "Get Conversation List" API, which allows paginated querying of conversation history information that occurred within the BOT.

BOT Training

  • Chat History: Added support for viewing chat records of "Workspace" type.

Official Documentation

  • Updated to a brand new version, providing a better reading experience.


  • ¡Bienvenido! Added "Spanish" as a language for the interface. Welcome developers from the Spanish-speaking world to experience GPTBots.

Upcoming Updates Preview

  • FLOW: The "Preset Response" component will support JSON, multimedia (image/video/map) cards, and forms. These cards and forms can be structured and displayed in the chat interface, supporting user form submission, navigation and location, phone calls, APP invocation, and access to specified links.
  • BOT Integration: Support for quick integration with third-party instant messaging (IM) tools such as WhatsApp and DingTalk, allowing users to interact with the BOT through these IM software.
  • BOT Dialogue: Support for "ChatGPT Vision" model, supporting speech input (ASR)/output (TTS) and image input/output.