Last updated:2024-03-18


Bot Config

  • Support for AI-generated "Identity Prompts": If you feel that the identity prompts you write are not effective, you can let AI write them for you. AI will use the most scientific method to write the most suitable identity prompts for your needs, and those that LLM can understand the best.
  • AI-generated "Welcome Messages": AI can optimize a better welcome message for you based on your current welcome message.
  • Support for configuring multiple "Preset Questions": These questions can guide users to ask questions when they start a conversation with the Bot.

Bot Knowledge Base

  • File Upload: Increased the single-upload file limit to 200 and optimized the file upload process to make it clearer.
  • Scheduled Updates: Web content is always changing, and manually updating to get the latest web content into the knowledge base is very troublesome! Now you can set up scheduled updates. The system will automatically update the web content in the Bot based on your settings, ensuring that your Bot's web-based knowledge data is always up-to-date.
  • Support for adding or deleting knowledge slices.

Bot Integration

Discord: Simplified the process of integrating the Bot into Discord, improved the Bot's online time in Discord, and supported streaming returns within Discord.


  • Generate Suggested Questions: This feature is packaged as a separate API. Through this API, you can get 3 questions recommended by the system based on the context for the users.
  • Get Referenced Knowledge: This feature is packaged as a separate API. Through this API, you can get information about the knowledge data used in the Bot's response.
  • Get Conversation List: Added the ability to query the conversation list that occurred with a specific 'user_id'.
  • Send Messages: Added 'short_term_memory' and 'long_term_memory' boolean parameters as input. Using these parameters, you can control whether the current message being sent carries memory as context.
  • Upload Files: Upload files to the Bot knowledge base.
  • Query Document Status: Check the current embedding status of the document.
  • Re-embed: Re-embed all documents in the current Bot that are in 'failure' status.
  • Bot Reply Feedback: Allows users to 'vote' on the Bot's reply content, i.e., 'like' or 'dislike', to provide feedback to Bot developers to understand users' usage experience and thus optimize the Bot's prompts or knowledge base.

Bot Chat History

Added a "Q&A" list and supported downloading and training Q&A.

Dialogue Components

Optimized the Bot dialogue components in debugging, sharing, iframe, and other scenarios to improve user experience.

System Stability

The system has been performance optimized to improve the product's performance, including aspects such as API, knowledge base, LLM, etc.