Last updated:2024-01-12


Updates for this release


  • Added support for the model "ChatGPT4.0-turbo-vision-1106-128K";

Bot Configuration

  • Multimodal input: Added support for "images" as input information;
  • Multimodal output: Added support for "images" and "voice" as output information, "images" can display multiple, "voice" supports setting 60+ languages, and supports setting the output text language of the Bot;

Flow Component

  • OpenAI LLM: Added support for the model "ChatGPT4.0-turbo-vision-1106-128K";
  • Branch judgment: Added support for the model "ChatGPT4.0-turbo-vision-1106-128K";
  • Boolean judgment: Added support for the model "ChatGPT4.0-turbo-vision-1106-128K";


  • Dialogue generation: Return fields add image information;
  • Added "Text-to-Speech" API, which supports converting AI output information into playable voice;

Bot Dialogue

  • Input: Supports using images as input information;
  • Output: Supports playing AI output information through voice;

Bot Integration

  • Added "Slack", "Discord" and "Zapier" integration, you can integrate Bot services into these three platforms;
  • Added "WhatsApp by EngageLab", supports opening "Meta Business" account through the "EngageLab" platform, and creating "Meta App" to integrate with Bot. "EngageLab" is Meta's officially certified BSP (Business Solution Provider), integrating Meta applications through "EngageLab" is more convenient than directly integrating through the Meta platform!

Note: "Zapier" is in the release process and will be completed later this month.


  • Time Zone: Different time zones can be set for different organizations, and the time information in the organization management module will be displayed based on this time zone;
  • Credits: The credits are adjusted from the original account dimension to the organization dimension for management, making credits management more efficient and more usable;
  • Permissions: Supports setting the Bot permission scope for "roles";

Subscription (Value-added Services)

  • Monthly Credits: Supports subscribing to monthly credits for organizations on a monthly basis, in case the credits provided by the current organization plan are not enough;
  • Custom LOGO: You will be able to customize the LOGO of the Bot dialogue component, you can delete it, or you can change it to your company or organization's LOGO, highlighting brand value;