Last updated:2023-12-13


Updates for this Iteration


We have provided multiple integration methods for the Bot, allowing it to be used in a wider range of scenarios.

  • Sharing: Added support for creating and configuring multiple "share links". Each "share link" can be managed and its credit consumption recorded independently.
  • Iframe and Bubble Widgets: This module has been moved to the "Integration" module. We have also optimized the "Whitelist" interaction to make the configuration process clearer.
  • DingTalk Robot: The Bot's conversation service can be integrated into the "DingTalk Robot" to enable DingTalk users to converse with the Bot through group chats or individual chats.
  • WhatsApp by Meta: The Bot can be integrated into the "Meta App" using the methods provided by "Meta Developer" and "Meta Business Suite" to enable WhatsApp users to converse with the Bot through WhatsApp.


"Preset Response" now supports multiple response formats, allowing your Bot to provide users with richer and more informative feedback during user interactions:

  • Card: Customizable card with custom text information and multimedia information (such as images, videos, locations, etc.) to help your users receive information more efficiently.
  • Form: Customizable form with a defined submission address to allow your users to submit data to you through the form.
  • Json: Customizable JSON for use as output information, integration with other APIs, etc.
  • Text: Improved text editing experience.

New User Guide

After new user registration, we have designed a more convenient and better user-friendly onboarding process to help new users quickly build their first Bot in less than 1 minute.

Upcoming Updates Preview


  • Support for multi-modal large model "GPT4.0-Turbo-Vision".


  • Multi-modal input (text, image, voice): "Image" supports uploading multiple images at once, and the ASR capability of "Voice" supports over 60 mainstream languages worldwide.
  • Multi-modal output (text, voice): "Text" supports custom languages, and the TTS capability of "Voice" supports over 60 mainstream languages worldwide.

Subscription (Add-on Service)

  • Credits: You will be able to subscribe to monthly credits for your organization to ensure that the credits provided by the current organization plan are sufficient.
  • Custom LOGO: You will be able to customize the logo of the Bot conversation component, either by removing it or replacing it with your company or organization's logo to showcase brand value.


  • Timezone: Support for setting the timezone for the organization to display all times within the organization in the set timezone.
  • Credits: Points will be moved from the account level to the organization level for management, improving credit consumption management efficiency.
  • Permissions: Support for setting Bot permission ranges for organization "roles".