Get Conversation List

Get Conversation List

Get the list of all conversation IDs within a specified time range.

Request Method


Request URL

Request Authentication

Please refer to the API Overview for authentication methods.


Request Example

curl --location '' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer your_apikey' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
          curl --location '' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer your_apikey' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json'


Request Headers

Field Type Description
Authorization Bearer ${token} Use Authorization: Bearer ${token} for authentication. Get the key from the API Keys page as token.
Content-Type application/json Data type, set to application/json.

Request Body

Field Type Required Description
conversation_type string Yes Conversation type.
  • ALL: All
  • SPACE: Workspace
  • API: BOTAPI call
  • EMBED: iframe/bubble widget
  • SHARE: Share
  • WHATSAPP_META:WhatsApp by Meta
  • WHATSAPP_ENGAGELAB:WhatsApp by EngageLab
  • DINGTALK: Dingtalk Robot
  • Discord: DISCORD
  • Slack: SLACK
  • Zapier: ZAPIER
  • user_id string No User ID. If not filled in, it is considered unrestricted.
    start_time long Yes Start time of the recent conversation, in timestamp format.
    end_time long Yes End time of the recent conversation, in timestamp format.
    page int Yes Page number, indicating which page to request, starting from 1.
    page_size int Yes Number of data entries per page, range 1-100.


    Response Example

    { "list": [ { "conversation_id": "AaACmo05Yrqb6bOSTbsg", "user_id": "3", "recent_chat_time": 1694572952383, "subject": "2+3=?", "conversation_type": "API", "message_count": 2, "cost_credit": 0.01, "bot_id": "64b902a84f1ff25d1c60c10b" }, { "conversation_id": "64ec1508c9c1ed5605e6ff28", "user_id": "33", "recent_chat_time": 1693194862160, "subject": "Hello!", "conversation_type": "API", "message_count": 20, "cost_credit": 0.59, "bot_id": "64b902a84f1ff25d1c60c10b" } ], "total": 2 }
      "list": [
          "conversation_id": "AaACmo05Yrqb6bOSTbsg",
          "user_id": "3",
          "recent_chat_time": 1694572952383,
          "subject": "2+3=?",
          "conversation_type": "API",
          "message_count": 2,
          "cost_credit": 0.01,
          "bot_id": "64b902a84f1ff25d1c60c10b"
          "conversation_id": "64ec1508c9c1ed5605e6ff28",
          "user_id": "33",
          "recent_chat_time": 1693194862160,
          "subject": "Hello!",
          "conversation_type": "API",
          "message_count": 20,
          "cost_credit": 0.59,
          "bot_id": "64b902a84f1ff25d1c60c10b"
      "total": 2

    Successful Response

    Field Type Description
    list JSON Array List of conversations.
    conversation_id string Conversation ID.
    user_id string User ID.
    recent_chat_time long Recent conversation time.
    subject string Conversation subject.
    conversation_type string Conversation type.
    message_count int Total number of messages in the conversation.
    cost_credit float Number of credits consumed by the conversation.
    bot_id string Bot ID.
    total int Number of conversations returned.

    Error Response

    Field Type Description
    code int Error code.
    message string Error details.

    Error Codes

    Code Message
    40000 Invalid parameter
    20059 Bot deleted