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Many of the customer queries the support team handles are related to frequently asked questions (FAQs). To reduce the volume of such queries, companies often have an FAQ page on their websites to let customers get answers themselves. However, there is now an even more modernized and effective way to handle queries related to FAQs. This solution is known as FAQ chatbot.

A FAQ chatbot allows customers to ask questions and get the exact answer instantly without waiting for the human agent to respond. This is a game-changer and the best way to reduce support tickets, have faster response times, and ensure customer and employee satisfaction.

If you also want to build a FAQ chatbot for your company, then stick around. In this guide, we will uncover the basics of the FAQ chatbot and then discuss the no-code steps to build one yourself.

How to Build a FAQ Chatbot Without Coding

Part 1. What Is a FAQ Chatbot?

A FAQ chatbot is a bot or software solution that provides automated responses to frequently asked questions. It allows customers to ask questions. Afterward, it understands their queries and provides the exact response using the pre-trained data.

A FAQ chatbot can be integrated into the website (as live chat), e-commerce platform, WhatsApp, mobile app, or social media platforms. Once integrated, it can respond to customer queries 24/7 and instantly respond without delays.

What Is a FAQ Chatbot?

Types of FAQ Chatbots

Due to digital and technological advancements, there are now many types of FAQ chatbots. Three common types of FAQ chatbots are as follows:

  • Rule-based FAQ Chatbots

Rule-based or script-based FAQ chatbots run on predefined scenarios and specific rules. These rules are mapped out in the form of a decision tree, where every customer input triggers a specific response. They give the exact same answers to all customers. However, they don't learn from interactions or manage context-based queries. So, they are only useful for answering straightforward queries.

  • AI FAQ Chatbots

AI FAQ chatbots or conversation FAQ chatbots are AI-based chatbots to answer FAQs. They leverage AI, especially natural language processing (NLP), to understand the context and language of the customer query. They engage with customers through human-like conversations and provide more authentic responses based on the query context. Simply put, an AI FAQ bot is like a virtual human agent that handles customer queries in a human-like way. This makes them best for handling simple to complex FAQs.

  • Hybrid FAQ Chatbots

Hybrid FAQ chatbots are an amalgam of rule-based and AI FAQ chatbots. They use rule-based responses to answer simple questions and leverage artificial intelligence to offer context-based responses to complex questions. This makes hybrid FAQ chatbots proficient at handling a wide range of FAQs.

Benefits of FAQ Chatbots

Chatbot for FAQs offers many benefits to companies in today's competitive era where customers' expectations are high. 71% of consumers (16-24 years of age) have an opinion that quick customer service response can improve customer experience drastically.

Benefits of FAQ Chatbots

Below are the key benefits you can attain with the FAQ bot:

  • 24/7 Customer Service: Once you have integrated an FAQ chatbot, it can respond to customer queries 24/7 without taking any breaks or leaves.
  • Instant Responses: An FAQ chatbot offers customers instant responses without requiring them to wait for a human agent to respond.
  • Consistent Responses: An FAQ chatbot can respond to customers with consistent accuracy using the pre-trained knowledge base. So, there are no human errors or misbehaviors with customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: When customers get instant and accurate responses to their queries, it leads to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Furthermore, 72% of consumers are going to inform six or more people about their satisfying experience.
  • Personalization: Customers want personalization in all their touchpoints, including getting customer service. An AI FAQ bot can offer personalized responses to customers by properly understanding their context and preferences.
  • Reduced Costs: An FAQ chatbot can automatically handle common queries, which reduces the workload on human agents. This means lower manpower requirements and reduced in-house responses. This leads to significant cost reduction.
  • Scalability: A FAQ chatbot can easily handle more queries as the business grows. This way, you can ensure consistent responses no matter the query volume.
  • Integration: An FAQ chatbot can integrate with multiple communication channels, such as websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, or other platforms.

In short, FAQ chatbots are the best companion for customer support teams. They reduce their workload, offer consistent responses, and lead to higher customer engagement/satisfaction.

Use Cases of FAQ Chatbots

The common perception about FAQ chatbots is that they are meant to assist customers and answer their common queries. However, the use cases of FAQ bots are for both customers and employees, as follows:

For Customers

Customers can benefit a lot with a FAQ chatbot. They will be able to quickly get the answer to their queries instead of scrolling through your website or waiting for the support agent to answer.

Within the customer user case, there are three further use cases of the FAQ chatbot:

  • Answer Queries:The first and obvious use case of the chatbot for FAQ is to answer simple to complex queries of customers autonomously.
  • Capture Leads: An AI FAQ bot can engage with customers, get the contact details, and redirect them to the sales team. Alternatively, it can suggest products to customers based on their likings.
  • After-Sale Engagement: An FAQ chatbot can engage with customers after sales. It can help solve their products/services-related queries and provide troubleshooting tips. Secondly, it can learn from past conversations and suggest relevant products, send promotions, and similar other activities to engage with customers further.
Use Cases of FAQ Chatbots

For Employees

A FAQ chatbot is also usable for employees to help them access the internal knowledge base or clear their questions. For example, hires in large organizations often have queries about holidays, leaves, etc. A FAQ chatbot can assist them in those matters and let them have exact answers instantly.

Part 2. Examples of FAQ chatbots

FAQ chatbots are used by brands across different industries, such as banking, healthcare, education, airlines, and more. Here are a few real-world FAQ chatbot examples:

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is a financial services company that provides an online platform to transfer money, create multi-currency accounts, access digital payment services, and much more. When you visit its website, you can use an FAQ chatbot and get assistance with your queries. You can also ask it to shift the chat to a human agent.


2. Buoy Health

Buoy Health is a chatbot-based diagnostic service developed by a team of computer scientists and doctors through the Harvard Innovation Laboratory. It asks you a series of questions to understand your medical state and provide you with the right solutions.

 buoy health

3. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines, flying to 265 international destinations across 130 countries. On its website, you will see an FAQ chatbot that can assist you with information on baggage allowance, lost baggage handling, ticket inquiries, and more.


Part 3. How to Build a FAQ chatbot in 3 Steps

Now that we have cleared the basics and importance of FAQ chatbot, you may be thinking that technical expertise is required to build a chatbot for FAQ. However, the reality is opposite. It is super easy to build a full-fledged FAQ chatbot. Here are the three simple steps you have to follow to create your first FAQ bot:

Step 1. Create a Strategy

First, you have to outline a clear strategy for your FAQ chatbot. This includes:

  • What's the purpose of the FAQ chatbot, such as handling support queries, capturing leads, etc?
  • Type of FAQ chatbot, rule-based chatbot, AI based chatbot to answer FAQs, or hybrid chatbot.
  • Define goals, like improving customer satisfaction, reducing cost, etc.
  • Where do you want to deploy the FAQ chatbot, website, social media, mobile app, etc?
  • Finalize the tone and personality of the chatbot.

Once you have outlined the strategy, you can now focus on those key points and start building the chatbot correctly.


Step 2. Choose a Chatbot Provider

Next, you have to choose a chatbot platform that will help you create the FAQ chatbot without coding. There are now dozens of chatbot providers to choose from. So, evaluate them and choose the one that best aligns with your needs.

If you struggle to find the right chatbot provider, Part 4 of this guide presents one powerful chatbot provider you can use.

Choose a Chatbot Provider

Step 3. Write Your Entries and Go Live

Now that you have picked the chatbot provider, it's time to train the chatbot. Write all the answers to FAQs you want the chatbot to answer and feed them to the chatbot. Some chatbots even support directly exacting questions from websites and files. If that's possible, then feed the URLs and files and let the platform create responses autonomously.

Once you have trained the chatbot, test its responses. Afterward, integrate it into your desired platform and go live.

Write Your Entries and Go Live

That's it! So, that's how quickly and easily you can build a complete FAQ chatbot and elevate your customer service experience.

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Part 4. Create a FAQ Chatbot Without Code

To create a FAQ chatbot without code, you need to use a chatbot platform that can help create a chatbot with its intuitive, click-based approach. That's exactly what GPTBots has to offer.

GPTBots is a powerful no-code platform for creating AI FAQ bots. It provides a modernized interface with pre-designed templates and a smart way to train the bot with websites, PDFs, documents, and other file types.

GPTBots one-click template feature helps you quickly create a FAQ chatbot without code. All you have to do is choose the right template from the list, train the bot with your business knowledge base, and integrate the bot with the right platform.

Create a FAQ Chatbot Without Code

The key features of GPTBots include:

  • No-code bot builder.
  • Use pre-designed templates in one click.
  • Train the bot by simply uploading your own business knowledge base
  • Support multiple input types on the bot, such as text, images, videos, etc.
  • Integrate with all popular platforms.
  • Assigned a company API.
  • Visual design flow to design the conversation flow of the FAQ bot.
  • Facilitate building a bot for customer support, lead generation, or employee assistance.

In short, GPTBots shines as a powerful AI FAQ chatbot platform to build a highly capable FAQ bot.

To get started, simply visit the GPTBots website, set up an account, pick the FAQ chatbot template, upload the knowledge base, and publish the chatbot.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit GPTBots.ai and create your first AI FAQ bot today.


A FAQ chatbot is a perfect way to offer customers fast responses, reduce support team workload, and increase customer/employee satisfaction. In addition, it offers a competitive edge and a higher customer retention rate. Therefore, it's time for action. Create your FAQ bot strategy and use GPTBots to build a no-code AI FAQ bot right away.

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