Don't know how to build a useful bot?
  • A single LLM cannot meet complex business scenarios and workflows.
  • AI Bot is difficult to build and cannot be adjusted flexibly.
  • Training Bot is time-consuming and laborious, and the training results cannot take effect immediately.
  • It is difficult to implement Bot in different business scenarios.
Choose AI Bot suitable for different business scenarios
Although the project is complex, GPTBots offers 3 types of Bots with different capabilities, providing a perfect solution for your project.
You can complete Bot creation in minutes. It is for simple business scenarios, solving problems in a specific field. Bot driven by a single LLM.
You can complete FlowBot creation in hours. It is for complex business scenarios and workflows, solving problems collaboratively by connecting multiple LLMs in series or parallel.
You can complete AgentBot creation in hours. With a simple command, multiple Agents can work together, plan and execute tasks autonomously, suitable for almost any business scenario.
See how to create the next step
GPTBots offers different AI Bot creation methods, faster and simpler than you think.
  • Template creation
    Industry templates, best practices, one-click reuse to complete AI Bot creation.
  • Dialogue creation
    Simply describe your requirements, and our Bot builder will help you complete Bot creation.
  • Custom creation
    Higher freedom, you can complete AI Bot creation completely according to your own ideas.
Make Bot smarter and more powerful
Provide various components, let truly powerful LLMs and Plugins provide driving force, and make LLMs controllable and stable at the same time.
Knowledge base

Supports multiple formats of knowledge data
Efficient knowledge management
Powerful RAG knowledge recall scheme


Seamlessly connect with the business of enterprises, flexible while ensuring data security

Code parser

Write code, execute code, build services

Independent operating environment and database

Thousands of python libraries, independent service running space and MySQL database

Train and improve Bot
Dialogue pre-training
Training based on chat history
User question insight and refinement
Use Bot in any scenario
  • Integration
    Ready to use, supports WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, etc., and also supports connecting thousands of applications through Zapier.
  • Embedded sharing
    With a very simple operation, you can embed AI Bot in the website. Marketing websites, applications, help centers... anywhere! It also supports you to directly share Bot links to social media.
  • API
    Provides rich and powerful API to help you integrate the capabilities of AI Bot in any business scenario.
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