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GPTBots is a powerful no-code platform for creating AI-driven business applications.
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How does GPTBots build useful AI Bots?

GPTBots seamlessly connects LLMs with enterprise data, services, and workflows, providing a powerful boost for business development.

Easily build and train AI Bots

From start to end, no code is required, anyone can easily and efficiently build an AI Bot for their business. Real-time training makes the Bot smarter and more stable.

Enterprise-specific knowledge base for more accurate AI responses

Seamlessly connect various types of knowledge data scattered across various platforms of the enterprise. Through the structured knowledge and recall mechanism of RAG, the response of AI is more accurate.

Controllable LLMs make AI more adaptable to your business

Flow orchestration, multimodality, Agents, and Plugins, everything we do makes LLMs more controllable and stable, allowing AI to truly integrate into business scenarios and boost business development.
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Simple but powerful Agents

A simple command can make multiple Agents work together, plan and execute tasks autonomously, giving the enterprise an unlimited expert technical team and team skills.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Get data from multiple sources, integrate with thousands of commonly used tools, and communicate freely. GPTBots allows your users to interact with the Bot anytime, anywhere.

Continuous training and improvement

Insight into user focus on high-frequency issues, train Bot and take effect in real time, and the training data can be used to fine-tune your model.
Insight into user focus
Train Bot
Real-time acceptance of training results
Model fine-tuning

Unique advantages of GPTBots

Multimodal dialogue

Support multiple types of input on your Bot, such as text, images, videos, audio...

Convenient integration

Can quickly connect to thousands of external applications, unblocking various scenario services.

Multiple LLMs options

Support mainstream large models and professional small models, open source or commercial, it's up to you.

Privacy and security

Use independent encryption services to store your knowledge base, complying with DPA and GDPR security and privacy standards.


Inject the powerful capabilities of GPTBots into your product through API and SDK.

Independent use scenarios

Supports enterprise workspace and multi-organization multi-role permission configuration.

GPTBots is not just about improving productivity

AI Bot can be applied in almost any business scenario, providing unlimited possibilities.
Customer Service

Professional & global AI customer service, 24/7

Import the company's websites, documents, and forms that can be used to serve customers into the Bot. Then you have an intelligent customer service that always answers based on the company's real data.
Product Recommendation

AI-based product recommandation for customers need

Create with one click through the template, simple configuration, so that even the smallest sellers can have their own product recommendation system.
Customer AppointmentComing Soon

Human-like customer reservation service by AgentBot

AgentBot can provide online reservation services comparable to humans for various places such as restaurants, clinics, pet shops, amusement parks, etc. It can not only easily complete tasks such as dialogue with customers, query schedules, handle schedule conflicts, and send appointment confirmation emails, but also synchronize customer and appointment information to the service provider's schedule.
Knowledge Retrieval

AI-driven information query, more efficient

Through ChatBot or the search box, you can search, generate answers, and locate information sources for enterprise data scattered on various platforms. Whether the enterprise knowledge data is structured, contains code, or even contains various formats such as images, tables, and PDFs, it can be recalled.

The voice of GPTBots customers

Here are more objective and real user reviews.
GPTBOTS.ai is truly a game-changer in the realm of AI integration. Its ability to effortlessly blend LLM with custom data and applications is unparalleled. Developers, both novice and seasoned, will find it an invaluable tool for crafting top-notch AI services. Kudos to the team behind GPTBOTS.ai for this stellar innovation!
Steve Packington
Super helpful in tailoring specific business needs
GPTBots are advanced AI models designed by OpenAI. Incredible language prowess, remarkable adaptability, and unparalleled conversational skills make GPTBots extraordinary. Wonderful AI Bot. Congrats.
Lita Stavic
Love the work and the prompt responses. I also had a great time talking to the dev team regarding suggestions in improving AI responses.
Silvia Z
GPTbots is an amazing product that has revolutionized my work efficiency! I love how easy it is to drag and drop bots into action, saving me tons of time and effort. The customizability is outstanding, and the stability and reliability of the bots is top-notch!
The AI Bot service is highly efficient in its operation,It is worth using the AI Bot service.
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